Hybrid vehicle

Hybrid vehicle is a vehicle that uses two or more distinct power sources to move the vehicle. It combines the conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) with the electric propulsion system. However a powerful mechanism to capture and utilize energy as included in the system.

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How Hybrid Cars Work

Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) combine the benefits of gasoline engines and electric motors and can be configured to obtain different objectives such as improved fuel economy, increased power, or additional auxiliary power for electrical devices and power tools.

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Gasoline Power vs. Electric Power

One of the largest reasons for air pollution is the fuel emission of cars that affects the entire atmosphere as well as ozone layer. It is manmade global warming. On an average, passenger vehicles produce approximately 5 tons of carbon dioxide.

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1200 cc Hybrid Cars exempted from taxes and duties in Pakistan

In the federal budget 2013-14, government of Pakistan has announced that hybrid cars should be given priority and for this it tried to relinquish the dealers by subsidizing the duties on it. That’s why end consumers and dealers are starting to inquire about the availability of such cars in Pakistan. The duty structure that has been suggested in the budget is as follow. 1200 CC orless: 100% Tax exempted 1201-1800 CC: 50% Tax exempted 1801-2500 CC: 25% Tax exempted 2501CC+: No Changes ...............In the international market, the lowest cubic centimeter car available is Honda 1300 cc which doesnot reside in the tax or duty exempted category of 1200cc cars. Like 1800 cc Toyota car costs approximately 3 million and if 50% duty is off on it, the entire price reduced only by 0.2 or 0.3 million which doesnot attract the buyers.

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